Masterfisherman Club

Celebrating the fish of a lifetime…

Masterfisherman salmon fishing in the Queen CharlottesEvery year at our fishing resorts a few of our guests catch fish that defy explanation. These are the incredible specimens that shatter everyone’s expectations and fuel fish stories that live on through generations.

To honour these incredible catches we created our Masterfisherman Club. There is only one way to become a member, and for many people it is the pinnacle of their fishing career.

To join you must catch a Chinook over 50 lbs, a Coho over 20 lbs, or a halibut over 100 lbs (100 lb halibut are catch and release. Weight determined by guide.) It takes skill, it takes patience and, depending on who you ask, a little luck.

If you’d like to try to earn your own membership, contact your reservation coordinator.

See the newest members here.